Your iPad is no ordinary device. Likewise, the Conestoga Folio is no ordinary luxury leather iPad case.

See the connection? After all, why should your amazing iPad be transported by anything less than it, and you, deserve?

That’s why we created the Conestoga Folio — the single most elegant, luxury leather iPad case that is also remarkably practical, able to hold and transport in great style an absolutely amazing amount of the stuff you need, where and when you need it.

Of course, you could easily find a much cheaper, less functional, and certainly less distinguished ipad case, constructed of plastic or fabric. There are a lot of them around, though this does beg the question: why would you want that?

So we hope you stick around to learn more reasons why our Luxury Leather iPad Case is the one for you, and your iPad.

column of different Conestoga Folio views

Luxury Leather iPad Case Features

  • Easy IN-OUT (iPad)
  • Drop protection: ¼” book binding double leather, thick cushion.
  • 100% Handcrafted iPad case by the best in America
  • Bison Leather is hand selected for durability, suppleness and uniqueness.
  • Available in Black and Brown. The brown leather ipad case is our best seller!
  • Custom made with you in mind. No two of our luxury leather ipad cases are alike!
  • Storage: enough for multiday trip!
  • Large pockets: no more digging around in pockets trying to find your ear buds or thumb drive.
  • Huge Storage! Lots of room for thumb drives, blue tooth ear piece, you name it.
  • 2 Smart phone pockets for the largest smart phones / flip video camera
  • Built in Desk stand with optimal viewing angle.
  • Notepad and pen so you can still jot down those important notes.
  • Zipper to keep your valuables secure


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